Ruffled Feathers Never Looked So Good!

Lots of frills and feathers make for the latest and greatest trend in fashion from clothing to accessories to home decor.  Ruffles have adorned everything from blouses, skirts, dresses, shoes, necklaces, handbags, chairs, bedding and even shower curtains.  Feathers have been found on just as many items even woven in to peoples hair as extentions. {what?}  However, a word of caution-a little goes a long way!  Check out these rows of ruffles…..





Now take a look at these fine feathers!!



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And the Winner is…….

Congrats! Kelly Bass you are our winner for the Get Your Tailgate On! Blog Giveaway! email us at!! Congrats!

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Get Your Tailgate On! Blog Giveaway

       College Colors Stadium Seats    

Okay, so who is ready for some college football..It literally is right around the corner!  Ever wonder where are the best places to tailgate?? Well according to the Huffington Post, there are 12 top places to tailgate.  See if you school made the list!

You may be wondering what does Hype Strype have to do with tailgating? Well… want to show your team spirit, right?  You want to let everyone know who you’re pullin’ for, right? What better way to do that than with Hype Strype’s College Colors products?!?

We have tons to choose from but some of our most popular for tailgating are our stadium seats, can wraps, plates, platters, and thermal cups…just to name a  few…

We are so excited about this season, we’ve decided to giveaway one stadium seat!  All you have to do is comment on our blog who your favorite team is and what is your favorite Hype Strype College Colors products! We have 6 different patterns and almost 20 different college colors from which to choose!

Oops!  Almost forgot!  The winner will be announced next Tuesday July 26th  @ 5pm.

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And the WINNER is………..

LAURA BEGGS!!!   Please email us at We will discuss which design you would like then!  Congrats….and stay tuned for the next giveaway!!!

Oh…if you still would like a cell phone case….of course you can go to to purchase….We will extend the offer of 10% off to those who commented on the blog. Just enter FBFAN in the special instructions box!! Thanks! Y’all are great!

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So Hype Strype has undergone lots of changes over the last year!  In celebrating all of the changes and the new and improved products we are offering, we decided to give customers a chance to get in on some of the fun!  We have decided to giveaway a cell phone case.  These cases are so cute and super functional, too!  The inner lining has a silicone case and the outer part is a hard plastic. Double protection! Go to and search cell phone case to see some of the choices and which phones are compatible! Phone cases’ retail value is $44.95.

Here’s the important part..To enter the contest comment on the blog below leaving which products you would like to see Hype Strype develop and then post the giveaway on your FB wall!  That’s it! Simple, huh?  The contest winner will be chosen on Tuesday, July 12th, 2011.

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Straying from Stripes?


So obviously we like stripes, and actually any other pattern , here at Hype Strype.  Of course the reason we like stripes is not because of its patterns. 

But stripes are IT this summer.  Little stripes….Big stripes…..Multi-colored stripesNautical stripes…..Black and white stripes (my personal fave)……So why do we get so nervous when someone says that the trend calls for stripes?  I have heard dozens of times during my life “Oh, I cannot wear stripes.”  “They just don’t look good on me!”  “Stripes make me look like ______(fill in the blank).”  Still, we have a love hate relationship.  We love stripes in  a candy store (think those humongous, yummy, mulitcolor lollipops).  We can see summer in a crisp black and white awning on the back of a home overlooking a clear blue pool.  So why are they so hard to wear??  Maybe it’s because we don’t know the rules… Well, here we go.

1.  Pick a stripe pattern that is proportionate to your figure.  The larger the lady the more in proportion larger stripes look.  The reverse is true too.  The smaller the stripes on a larger lady the more out of proportion the stripes look.  So scale is important.

2.  Pair horizontal stripes on top with a solid colored jacket or cardigan.  It creates a slimming affect by giving the eye a break.

3.  Wearing horizontal stripes on your thinner half will balance out your fuller half.  So if your are smaller from the waist up, wear a horizontal stripe top to even things out a bit.

4. Of course, we all know that vertical stripes make us all look longer.  These work well for almost everyone.  But vertical stripes are ideal for the petite people of the world!

5. Don’t over do it.  Keep your stripes to a minimum. Like one piece unless you are wearing a dress.

6.  For an interesting play on pattern and if you are feeling particularly brave pair your stripes with a floral pattern.  Stripes are the perfect foil to all things floral.  It adds interest and color to any wardrobe.


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More Chapeau Chic….(That’s Hat in French {wink!})


So not to be outdone by the British, the USA has a few highly celebrated events where hats are a must.  One of those events is the Kentucky Derby.  Hats at the Kentucky Derby date back to almost as long as the races.  Of course fashion has evolved, but one mainstay, besides the great race, is the array of interesting and rather large hats.  Britain get the award for the most interesting shaped hats; the USA gets the award for the largest hats. Check out these chic chapeaux!




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